River Time

“He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.”” John 7:38 NKJV

We are always anxious for some “river time” here in the Ozark. The Buffalo River is beautiful this time of year, the banks are usually full if not overflowing at this time. Everything is green and warming up nicely. And most people who live around here are anxious to hit the river. And what power the river brings when the river is up and the current is flowing, even the most experienced swimmer has to use extreme caution, it can sweep you away in a moment. It is no respecter of who or what is in it’s way. It is strong and powerful, and underestimated by many. But Jesus tells us that if we believe in Him, He is the one that God promised to take away our sins, that would bring life everlasting. Then out of our heart living water would come. Refreshing, life bringing water! This will not just ease out of our heart, but it will flow with strength and power. We have to stop underestimating what has been placed in us. There is strength and power in what flows out of you. Just like we underestimate the river in our area, we too underestimate the power of Jesus that flows out of us! Remember who is in you!

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