Discouragement of the Best Kind

When You said, “Seek My face,”

My heart said to You, “Your face, Lord, I will seek.” Psalm 27:8

I once heard Ron Carpenter preach on having a "Divine Discouragement" he explained that deep inside you there is "that something" that God has placed inside of you to be more than what you currently are. But right now you know you are not "that" yet. As it pulls and pulls at you, you feel discouraged. This is often the time that most people give up, myself included. It's in the gap that we battle the most and often time give up the most. As I read scriptures many times we are told of the great battle or circumstance that people faced. We are even told of the great prayers they prayed. And we are told of how God supernaturally moved in their circumstance or fought the battle for them. But most times we are given very few details about what they did in between the moment God pulled at them to the time he moved in their life. It's that in between place that we struggle so intensely with. We battle our own mind, we battle enemies who try to destroy that greatness in us, we even question God as to the motives behind all of this madness. But right at the moment when we think we can bear no more, when we think that our back is against the wall and there is no way out. When our thoughts turn to I should have stayed where I was at, I should have never believed God for greater for the supernatural. It's at that moment that God steps in and changes your circumstance, he changes you! He renews your strength, he gives you a new praise, he breathes new life into you. So whatever it is that you face today know that God sees you in the gap, he knows how intense the battle is and he has not left you. Recognize the type of discouragement you have, and turn to God, He will bring your divine discouragement into destiny.

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